Skellig Lighthouse - © Jürgen Hamann

Skellig Lighthouse

Skellig Lighthouse - © Jürgen Hamann

The Skellig Lighthouse is an Irish lighthouse located on the island of Michael Skellig, off the coast of County Kerry. Isolated from everything, this automated lighthouse has been built on the cliff to make it safer for approaching boats. A magnificent lighthouse, located on an iconic island!

Visit the Skellig Lighthouse

An isolated lighthouse, lost to the Atlantic Ocean

Michael Skellig’s lighthouse is located on the southwestern tip of the island. Unmistakable with its 12 meters high, the building is one of the most important lighthouses on the Irish west coast.

Built around 1821, it has since been fully automated and now operates without human intervention or the presence of lighthouse keepers. A few solar panels added in 2011 allow it to be completely autonomous, even in the event of a general breakdown.

Although it cannot be visited, nothing will prevent you from approaching the lighthouse to admire its design, as well as its breathtaking view of the ocean. Note the presence of many sea birds, which will offer you a real concert of chirping!

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Address Address: south of Skellig Michael
Lieu : (County Kerry)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 51.768548,-10.541742

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