Shaw’s Bridge in Belfast

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Belfast, (County Antrim)

The Shaw’s Bridge is a North Irish stone bridge, located just outside Belfast. Considered a romantic landmark, ideal for a walk for two, this bridge has above all a strong history. For this bridge, far from being brand new, finds its origins around 1655! Let’s find out more!

Visit the Shaw’s Bridge in Belfast

A 1655 bridge, built for Oliver Cromwell’s artillerymen

Shaw's Bridge - Kezzy Armstrong - cc

Shaw’s Bridge – Kezzy Armstrong – cc

The bridge is said to have been built on the initiative of Captain Shaw in 1655. Originally built in oak, its purpose was to allow Oliver Cromwell’s troops to cross the river Lagan more easily in order to crush the Irish revolts of the time.

The bridge was only rebuilt in stone in 1709, and has remained in its original state ever since. It is made up of 5 arches, spanning the Lagan river, and offers a rather nice view of the surrounding nature. The bridge is located in the heart of the “Lagan Valley Regional Park”, a magnificent regional park, much appreciated for its bucolic landscapes and its views of the river.

In short, an ideal place to mix romance and cultural discovery! The bridge is magnificent, in perfect condition, and is one of Belfast’s favourite walking slices!

Shaw’s Bridge in Belfast
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Castlereagh - Belfast

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54.552476, -5.952634
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