Worm Hole

The Worm Hole on Inishmore - © lisandrotrarbach
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Inishmore, (County Galway)
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The Worm Hole (also known as the “Serpent’s Lair”) is a natural formation that is very popular with extreme sportsmen and women! Located on the island of Inishmore (on the Aran Islands archipelago), the site is a strange spot, which is arranged in the shape of a nearly perfect rectangular hole. Formed naturally, the place fascinates, and is the subject of extreme competitions!

Visit the Worm Hole of Inishmore

A natural swimming pool, perfectly rectangular, dug into the rock!

There are many theories and tales and legends trying to explain the strange formation of the Serpent’s Lair! It must be said that the site seems to have been erroneously carved by man, due to its regular geometric shape! Made of limestone and granite, this “hole” would have been dug naturally by sea water, creating a kind of astonishing natural swimming pool! (However, scientists are unable to explain its “perfect” shape).

The setting is so beautiful that a sports competition will be held there in 2014: the Red Bull Cliff Diving. The event consists of diving 27 metres high and performing an artistic figure. The dive lasts 3 seconds and propels the divers to more than 100km/hour in the natural pool.

A highly dangerous sport, to be practiced only by professionals!

However, the site is accessible all year round: its coastline is sometimes quite agitated, so be careful and prefer to go there in good weather. Possibility to walk along the cliff and to picnic : the place is wild, and offers nice views on the ocean !

In short: a perfect place for lovers of iodine, sea air and the most mysterious geological formations!

Worm Hole
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on Inishmore Island

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53.121745, -9.754861
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