Selskar abbey - Nicola Barnett - cc

Selskar Abbey

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Selskar abbey - Nicola Barnett - cc

Informations about Selskar Abbey

Location in Ireland Ireland County: County Wexford (Republic of Ireland)
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Address : Off Temperance Row at Westgate St. - Wexford

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The Selskar Abbey is a 12th century Irish monastery, located just outside the town of Wexford. Although devastated by Cromwell’s assaults, the site has retained all its charm and is one of the most popular attractions in County Wexford.

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An exceptional Augustinian monastery

The Selskar Abbey was built on the ruins of an ancient church in 1190 at the request of Sir Alexander Roche de Artramont, an influential Anglo-Norman of the region. Intended to be the residence and place of worship of the Augustinians, the monastery was an important religious and cultural centre of the region before being abandoned by the monks in the 16th century.

The building was nevertheless partially destroyed in 1649, during the sack of Waterford, perpetrated by Cromwell. A real disaster, considering the damage caused to the building! Since then, the Selskar Abbey has been declared a national monument, and is accessible to visitors since July 2012. Very easy to access, the site is as grandiose as it is imposing, and has a charm that will seduce lovers of history and medieval architecture!

Its access is easy, because it is right in the city centre, and the calm surrounding the site makes it a place conducive to rejuvenation and a change of scenery despite its location in an urban area. You will be able to discover a quite remarkable architecture, with its still intact pediments, its gothic towers and its arched openings. It is possible to enter the interior of the abbey, provided you are very careful: the site is fragile and requires caution. The visit is necessarily guided, and is really fun and interesting, if you have some knowledge of English.

Practical informations

Adresse Address: Off Temperance Row at Westgate St. - Wexford
Location: (County Wexford)

GPS coordinatesGPS : 52.341414,-6.465406

PricePrice* :

5€ par personne

*indicative price may vary according to the season and the policy of the establishment.

Opening HoursOpening Hours:


DurationDuration: 45 minutes

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