Samuel Beckett Bridge

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Adresse Location:
Docklands, (County Dublin)

The Samuel Beckett Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge in Dublin city centre. A real link between the two sides of the city, the bridge connects Macken Street to Guild Street. Very modern, it was designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava Valls, just like the James Joyce Bridge built a little higher up.

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A cable-stayed bridge, symbol of Dublin’s modernity

The Samuel Beckett Bridge is a true architectural masterpiece. Its shape, similar to that of a Celtic harp, makes it a true symbol of Dunlin’s revival. Carried by 31 steel cables and an arched pole, the bridge consists of 4 lanes and 2 pedestrian crossings. It can be rotated up to an angle of 90° to allow boats sailing on the Liffey to pass.

Named in honour of the famous Irish writer Samuell Beckett, the bridge was inaugurated in 2009. Despite its exorbitant cost (60 million euros), the bridge has helped to relieve congestion on Dublin’s streets, but also to convey an increasingly modern image of the city of Dublin. A real tourist attraction, it is very much appreciated by tourists, who then take advantage of it to go and discover the Dublin Convention Centre, an ultra-modern building located just opposite the bridge .

Samuel Beckett Bridge
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Address Address:
in the Docklands district of Dublin

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53.346987, -6.241374

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15 minutes
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