The Salmon Weir Bridge

The Salmon Weir Bridge - Robert Linsdell - cc
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Galway, (County Galway)

The Salmon Weir Bridge is a Galway bridge that spans the River Lough Corrib to reach Galway Cathedral. Built in 1819, the bridge was once used to link the city’s old prison to the courthouse: all prisoners passed through this bridge. Nowadays, the bridge is best known for being an observation point where you can see the salmon swimming upstream between May and September! A rather touristic place, where many passers-by are watching the fish from the top of the bridge!

Visit the Salmon Weir Bridge

The ideal place for fishermen, watching for the wild salmon run!

The bridge is impossible to miss: just take the Galway Cathedral as a landmark: the bridge is located right in front of it. The bridge is made of original stone and offers a beautiful view of Lough Corrib and the dam a little further upstream.

The bridge is ideal for strolling, fishing and soaking up the atmosphere of Galway.

Many people have fun watching for salmon, which are impressive when they wriggle out of the water and over the dam!

Note that cars are allowed, and the bridge is rarely quiet, day or night. Sidewalks also make it accessible to pedestrians. An emblematic bridge, to be discovered to better understand Galway’s attachment to Lough Corrib and its prolific waters.

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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars 2.50/5 (873 votes)

Address Address: University Rd, Galway, Irlande
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