Royal Irish Constabulary Barracks

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Caherciveen, (County Kerry)

While exploring the village of Caherciveen, don’t miss the Royal Irish Constabulary Barracks, (also known as the Cahersiveen Heritage Centre). This 19th century castle with white facades is a former military barracks that once belonged to the Royal Irish Constabulary.

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A castle converted into a museum

Right in the city centre is Caherciveen Barrack’s. It is a heritage centre dedicated to the village, established in a former Royal Gendarmerie (British occupation police). The building, built between 1869 and 1871, was allegedly burnt down by the anti-treaty forces in 1922, and was finally restored a few years later. (The castle was used to protect the island of Valentia, as well as to prevent any attempted uprising by the Fenians. )

Its very particular architecture, consists of magnificent white turrets, dominating Caherciveen. Inside, you will be able to enjoy a complete exhibition on the city, as well as restoration workshops, crafts, and archaeological remains. You will also find a complete exhibition on Daniel O’Connell, the Fenian uprising…etc.

Now converted into a museum dedicated to the city, the Cahersiveen Heritage Centre offers an overview of the history of the city, its fauna and flora. All this in a most authentic setting, with exposed stone walls, wooden frame, and a typical 19th century decor!

Royal Irish Constabulary Barracks
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Monday to Saturday

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