Roundstone Bog

The Roundstone Bog © - Yevhen Nosulko
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Roundstone, (County Galway)
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Take the R341 road from Ballyconneely to Roundstone in County Galway along an impressive bog. The bog, known as the Roundstone Bog, covers several square kilometres and is one of the most important extraction sites in the country. A place to be discovered absolutely!

Visit the Roundstone Bog

A peat bog to admire from the road

As everyone knows, Irish bogs can be dangerous. Mostly composed of organic material, it only takes a little to sink in, lose a boot, or worse, be up to your neck in it! This is why we recommend that you admire the Roundstone Bog from the road (caution is the mother of safety!).

In any case, the discovery of this bog is simply impressive. Sometimes left fallow, sometimes in the middle of exploitation, the peat bog will make you discover the different stages of peat extraction.

You will also find them in small heaps, drying slowly in the sun: these are the logs which will then be used by the Irish to heat themselves, to distill some of their whiskeys…etc.

If you come across Irish people working on the bog, don’t hesitate to approach them: their methods of using the bog’s resources are meticulous and really interesting!

Roundstone Bog
Practical information

Address Address:
follow the R341 towards Roundstone

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53.403414, -9.919146

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30 minutes
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Roundstone Bog : the map

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