Roscrea Castle - Groundhopping Merseburg - cc

Roscrea Castle

Roscrea Castle - Groundhopping Merseburg - cc

If you are passing through the village of Roscrea, we recommend a visit to Roscrea Castle, a castle set on a hill in the heart of the town centre. Built in the 13th century, the castle has a typical architecture of the region, as well as beautifully wooded gardens.

History of Roscrea Castle

A castle built in the 13th century

Before the present castle, there was originally a wooden fortification built in 1213. It was not until 1281 that the decision was taken to build a stone castle, resembling an Anglo-Norman-style fortified tower.

Several years were then necessary for the construction of the tower.

Unfortunately, the owners did not live in the fortress for long. The castle quickly fell into disuse following the Williamite Wars, and suffered a lot of damage. It was finally taken over by the State only in the 20th century, and renovated to make it a tourist attraction… An attraction that works hard!

Visit the Roscrea Castle

Typical architecture of the region

Roscrea Castle has a polygonal fortified structure surrounded by curtain walls. The castle itself is a two-storey tower with two towers dominating the whole of Roscrea.

The visit includes an interior and exterior exploration of the castle. You will discover rooms subtly decorated in the medieval tradition, with tapestries and period furniture. Your guide will then explain the history of the place, the owners who lived in the fortress, as well as the different sieges and wars waged by the castle.

Finally, a small visit of the gardens and a small exhibition will end the visit. The walk is rather pleasant, and takes you straight to the 13th century. Don’t miss the recently renovated small mill, as well as the Celtic cross of St Cronan located in the heart of the gardens of Roscrea castle!

Practical informations

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Address Address: Roscrea
Lieu : (County Tipperary)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 52.954958,-7.798061

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DurationDuration: 45 minutes