Rory Gallagher Corner

Rory Gallagher Corner - 2008, Pilise Gábor - cc
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Temple Bar, (County Dublin)

In the heart of Temple Bar (that is to say, in the district where the drinking is the most important), the secrets of Dublin continue to flourish. It is there, at the bend in the street, that you will find the Rory Gallagher Corner, an intersection that pays tribute to one of the greatest Irish guitarists of all time!

Visit the Rory Gallagher Corner

A street that celebrates Rory Gallagher

Rock’n’roll fans will certainly appreciate a visit to Rory Gallagher Corner. It’s a simple intersection in the Temple Bar area that celebrates the talent of a great Irish rocker.

You’ll have to look up the brick wall of the Meeting House. You’ll see an exact replica of the guitar that belonged to the iconic Irish singer.

Note that there was originally the original guitar of the artist hanging on the wall. Patinated and damaged by the weather, it was finally removed by Rory’s brother some time ago.

Anyway, the Temple Bar area has replaced it with a replica of the guitar. One can admire the beautiful Fender telecaster on which Gallagher liked to play. The only presence of this guitar will draw a tear to the fans of the artist… And we share this emotion with them!

Rory Gallagher Corner
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Address Address:
Meeting House Square, Temple Bar, Dublin

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53.34530699460777, -6.265468331662188

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