Roache castle - © drakkArts Photography

Roache Castle

Roache castle - © drakkArts Photography

Roache Castle (also called Roche Castle) is a beautiful Anglo-Norman castle, located near Dundalk in County Louth, Ireland. In ruins, it was built on an imposing rocky mound, overlooking the surrounding countryside. Magnificent, it offers a spectacle of all beauty to its visitors!

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A castle devastated by Oliver Cromwell…

The castle of Roache would have been built in 1236 for the Anglo-Norman family “De Verdun”. Passed down over several generations within the same family, the castle was unfortunately destroyed in 1641, following repeated assaults by Oliver Cromwell and his troops.

Nowadays, the castle is freely accessible, and allows to discover the magnificent remains of this castle now abandoned. Endowed with an imposing surrounding wall, doubled by a deep ditch, it is composed of 2 imposing towers, as well as a round tower of before post.

Among its curiosities, you should know that a well, called the Well of St Ronan, would have been built in the inner courtyard…

The place is magical, and carries an indescribable atmosphere. Just be careful not to touch the ruins : they are fragile !

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Address Address: less than 10 km north-west of Dundalk.
Lieu : (County Louth)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 54.046527,-6.488367

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