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Rattoo, (County Kerry)
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The Rattoo Round Tower, (Cloigteach Ràth Tuaidh in Irish Gaelic), is a round tower belonging to the ruined monastery of Ballyduff. Situated in County Kerry, between Ballybunnion and Tralee, the tower is in remarkable condition and has a very authentic charm!

History of Rattoo Round Tower

A Tower built in the 12th century

The Rattoo Round Tower is believed to have been erected around 1100, several centuries after the monastery was founded.

Ballyduff Monastery is said to have been founded in the early days of Irish Christianity by Bishop Lughach, a man who was one of the first Christians to evangelise County Kerry (around the 5th century).

The monastery gradually grew in size over time, and gradually acquired the Rattoo Tower in the 11th century, as well as a cemetery, and a church in the 15th century.

Nowadays, only the tower has been perfectly preserved: the other monuments are now in ruins, and only the conical roof of the tower has been restored .

Visit the Rattoo Round Tower
Ruins with pure Irish charm

The site stands next to a dry stone wall, and close to a pretty cemetery and a ruined 15th century church. You will be able to admire its impeccable architecture, with its Irish stones integrated with period mortar, its small openings serving as windows at the top, and its perfectly restored conical roof .

You can also admire the beautifully carved crosses of the cemetery located near the tower.

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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars 3.33/5 (6 votes)

Address Address: in Kerry County
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