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The Rathlin West light is an Irish lighthouse located on the island of Rathlin in County Antrim in Northern Ireland. Unique of its kind, it is often referred to by locals as the only lighthouse built “upside down”! Its light is indeed positioned at the bottom of the lighthouse, and not at its upper end!

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A lighthouse built right on the cliff, next to the ocean and sea birds!

The Rathlin West light is not really designed for people who are allergic to solitude! It must be said that this lighthouse is quite remote, built on the rock! It was actually built between 1912 and 1917: a special platform, with a sloping railway, had been put in place to facilitate construction!

The lighthouse was put into service in 1919. However, it was not automated until 1983, when the lighthouse keepers were asked to leave the site. Today, the Rathlin West light is still in operation, and is one of the lighthouses essential to the safety of ships navigating in nearby waters!

If you love wildlife, you should know that this is where the largest seabird colony in the UK (more than 250,000 birds are counted each year!) would be held ! There are countless guillemots, penguins, seagulls, fulmars and other shearwaters that come to breed on the heights of the lighthouse! A real refuge where you can hear at your leisure many bird calls circling around the Rathlin West light!

Rathlin West light
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Address Address:
Raithlin Island, Ballycastle | County Antrim

Coordonnées GPSGPS:
55.300370, -6.279732

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