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Rathgall Hillfort

Rathgall Hillfort - nilachseall - cc

Rathgall Hillfort (the White Fort), is an archaeological site located northwest of the town of Shillelagh. Dating from the Bronze Age, it consists of three concentric stone ramparts, as well as another fortified circular wall dating from the medieval period, located in the centre. Built on a hill, the site is endowed with exceptional charm!

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A prehistoric site, recovered in the Middle Ages…

Rathgall Hillfort is rather impressive: set on a hill, it consists of several circular defensive enclosures, whose objectives remain mysterious to this day.

Excavations conducted by Barry Raftery in the 1970s brought to light many prehistoric objects, including ceramics, pottery shards, glass beads and weapons. Burials were also discovered on the site, showing that the enclosure was also used for funerary rituals.

The site is magnificent, and accessible for free. Some explanatory panels will inform you about the nature of these walls, and how they would have been built.

Rathgall Hillfort also has a rich folklore history. A source of legends, the site is said to be the fairy’s landmark and is also considered a sacred place of pilgrimage for childless couples.

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Address Address: northwest of Shillelagh
Lieu : (County Wicklow)

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