Queen Maeve’s Tomb

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County Sligo, (County Sligo)

Queen Maeve’s Tomb is a prehistoric cairn, rich in tales and legends! The story goes that it would be the royal tomb of Queen Maeve (or Medb), a high figure in Irish mythology! A must see for amateurs!

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The tomb of Queen Maeve or Medb…

Located not far from Knocknarea in County Sligo, the tomb of Queen Maeve has a mythological aura that is more than palpable! The tomb is said to be that of an ambitious and tyrannical former queen, many chapters of which are dedicated in the manuscript “The Raid on Cooley’s Cows”.

Nowadays, the cairn is almost intact, and is presented as a gigantic stony mound containing a corridor tomb. Although the cairn is dated to prehistoric times (during the Neolithic period), many Irish people believe that this cairn does indeed contain a royal tomb. The cairn is more than ten meters high, and forms a circular ensemble composed of limestone stones and earth: a perfect combination to obtain a watertight and hermetic tomb!

Anyway, the site is magnificent, and will require a little walk to get there. Although it is not possible to get inside the enclosure, you will be able to walk around the site and admire the typical prehistoric architecture of this cairn!

Queen Maeve’s Tomb
Practical information

Address Address:
south east of Knocknarea

Coordonnées GPSGPS:
54.258635, -8.574047

Duration of the visit Duration of the visit:
45 minutes
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