Proleek Dolmen - Robert Campbell KOR - cc

Proleek Dolmen

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Proleek Dolmen - Robert Campbell KOR - cc

Informations about Proleek Dolmen

Location in Ireland Ireland County: County Louth (Republic of Ireland)
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Address : 10km from Dundalk

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The Proleek dolmen is an archaeological site located less than 10km from Dundalk in the county of Louth. Imposing and masterly, it has a unique shape and attracts thousands of tourists every year… A rather nice dolmen, to be seen for free, for the greatest pleasure of megalith lovers!

Visit the Proleek Dolmen

A dolmen with a strange shape!

Installed in the park of the Ballymascanlon Hotel, the dolmen of Proleek is said to date from 3,500 BC. It is a perfect example of a “high dolmen”, with its 3 meters high. Its cover slab is said to weigh no less than 35 tons, making it one of the most imposing dolmens in Ireland!

Rather nice to visit, its access is free… provided you ask the hotel for prior authorization. The corner is quiet, and you will have all the time to admire this tomb! Pictures are of course highly recommended ! Caution however: the stones, despite their size, are fragile, and we advise you not to touch them…

Note however that a legend exists around this dolmen. This one tells that a wish would be granted to anyone who managed to throw a small pebble on the top stone without it falling down! This explains the incredible amount of pebbles on the main table!

Practical informations

Adresse Address: 10km from Dundalk
Location: (County Louth)

GPS coordinatesGPS : 54.037197,-6.348248

PricePrice* :


*indicative price may vary according to the season and the policy of the establishment.

DurationDuration: 30 minutes

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