The Port of Baltimore

Aerial view of Baltimore, Ireland - © timursalikhov
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Baltimore, (County Cork)

If you’re passing through the city of Baltimore in County Cork, be sure to take a tour of its harbor. The latter is not lacking in dynamism, and is a real landmark for yachting and marine gastronomy enthusiasts! A nice place, which offers the opportunity for a nice walk, punctuated by the comings and goings of local boats. A moment full of authenticity, which will smell like iodine!

Visit Baltimore Harbour

The headquarters of fishermen, yachtsmen and good restaurants!

The port of Baltimore is a real economic heart for the city of Baltimore! It must be said that the city is not only ultra-touristic, it is also a real stronghold for fishing! This is where Irish fishermen bring in their catch of the day, and sell it directly at the quayside, to local residents and local restaurants .

You can do some nice business there, with the certainty of having very fresh and tasty fish. All you have to do then is cook it to test it!

If you wish to continue your stroll, you will see that Baltimore’s harbour also welcomes sailboats and pleasure craft. Some of them are really worth a look! The harbor is quite charming in general: well maintained, with a nice green on the roadstead and the open sea.

Finally, there are a few local restaurants near the port that will offer you the best of seafood! Everything is of course very fresh and comes from the local waters, cooked according to the best Irish recipes! A nice way to discover Baltimore’s identity, its relationship to the sea and its food. The prices are variable but generally affordable, and most establishments will offer you to eat with a nice sea view: what more could you ask for?

The Port of Baltimore
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in downtown Baltimore

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51.485890, -9.369943
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