The Poolbeg Chimneys

Les Cheminées de Poolbeg - Michael Foley - cc
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Dublin, (County Dublin)

Located east of Dublin, the Poolbeg Chimneys are officially the tallest chimneys in Ireland, with a height of 207.8 metres! Far from being aesthetically pleasing, they belong to a disused thermal power station on the edge of Dublin harbour. Although they are inactive nowadays, and in spite of their aesthetic assets, Dubliners are strangely attached to them, and see these chimneys as a real symbol! Explanations…

See the Chimneys of Poolbeg

Deserted chimneys dear to the Dublinois!

The modernisation of Dublin’s electrical installations has changed so much over the last few decades that the Poolbeg power station was abandoned in 2010, leaving the infrastructure in place, including its chimneys, untouched. The towers have been left in place for several years and are therefore subject to the ravages of time, as well as the many storms in Dublin Bay.

Located on the outskirts of Dublin Harbour, it is however impossible to miss its imposing chimneys ringed in red and white! So much so, that Dubliners have gradually developed an affection for these 2 towers. Thus, every Dubliner returning from a trip, whether by plane or ferry, sees in these chimneys the first sign of their return home. A true symbol, which even pushes some of them to compare these chimneys to the French Eiffel Tower!

For the time being, these chimneys do not have any real tourist appeal, but a project is currently being considered to rehabilitate these towers for tourists! Among the craziest ideas, some architects are thinking of building between the 2 chimneys a platform for eating, bungee jumping…etc. In short, there is no shortage of ideas!

It should be noted that more than 3000 houses should also be built in the next few years at the foot of the Poolbeg chimneys. Many projects therefore, which are likely to literally transform the tourist interest of the place!

Nevertheless, the chimneys are not of great interest for the moment. So you can go on your way, and concentrate on more fun sites: there are legions of them in Dublin!

The Poolbeg Chimneys
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Pigeon House Rd, Ringsend, Dublin 4, Irlande

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53.338901, -6.191219

The Poolbeg Chimneys : the map

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