The Phil Lynott statue, Dublin - © abd

Phil Lynott Statue

The Phil Lynott statue, Dublin - © abd

The Phil Lynott Statue is a bronze statue located in the Harry Street area of Dublin. It pays tribute to the Irish singer and bassist Phil Lynott known for having made part of the group Thin Lizzy.

See the statue of Phil Lynott

A statue in Dublin city centre!

Dublin is a trendy place where music plays an important role! The proof is, with the multitude of monuments which mark out the district, of which the statue of Phil Lynott!

You will easily recognize it, with its copper-coloured looks, its afro cut, and its very seventies jacket… The statue is moreover rather realistic, on a human scale, and pays a vibrating homage to the talent of this Irish who was one of the icons of the rock and roll of the time!

Access to the statue is easy and free: many visitors have fun taking pictures of themselves with it!

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Address Address: Harry Street - Dublin
Lieu : (County Dublin)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 53.341300,-6.260687

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DurationDuration: 10 minutes

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