Ballycotton lighthouse - Gerard Ahern - cc

Ballycotton Lighthouse

Ballycotton lighthouse - Gerard Ahern - cc

Ballycotton Lighthouse belongs to the village of the same name on the coast of County Cork. Beautiful, it is located 2km from the village, on an island (Ballycotton Island) overlooking the ocean.

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A lighthouse from 1581

The Ballycotton lighthouse is said to have been built in 1851. At that time, the keeper’s family (including 2 children), lived alone on the island. However, the precariousness of the site, led to the progressive improvement of the lighthouse, until it was automated in 1992, which no longer requires a human presence on the site.

Although you can’t visit it, you won’t be able to miss it: it can be seen very well from the village, or from the road along the coast. White, black and red, it is still in operation, and is still used to guide boats approaching Ballycotton.

Don’t hesitate to take pictures of it: it is magnificent on good weather days, but also during big storms, when it is literally beaten by the waves! The show is quite impressive, even if the visibility is not always at the top!

A pretty lighthouse, which will be worth a stop!

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Address Address: follow Ballycotton on the R629. The lighthouse is on Ballycotton Island.
Lieu : (County Cork)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 51.826146,-7.985041

SchedulesSchedules :

not open to the general public

DurationDuration: 45 minutes

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