The Old Military Road is a scenic road that runs through the Wicklow Mountains National Park. Part of the R115, it offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the national park, and is well worth a detour if you are travelling by hire car or bus!

Make the Old Military Road

A road renowned for its stunning mountain views!

For the record, the Old Military would have been built by the British around 1800 in response to the conflict with the rebellious Irish clans. This road would have allowed them to build military barracks all along the way, in charge of hunting down these enemy clans, often taking refuge in inaccessible places in the park…

The advantage of the Old Military Road is that it passes through the middle of the Wicklow Mountains Park, and then descends to the mythical archaeological site of Glendalough. Accessible by bus, or car, the road can also be surveyed by bicycle, provided it is tough and well equipped (it is impossible to cross the park by bicycle in one day).

From the north of the park, you should encounter beautiful valleys and mountains, punctuated by impressive forests and lakes. Among them are the glacial lakes of Kippure Mountain: Lower Lough Bray and Upper Lough Bray.

Then come high tourist sites, such as :

  • the Sally Gap, a mountain pass at 498 metres, which provides a stunning view of the park
  • the Glenmacnass valley: green as you wish, and punctuated by silent moorland, the valley is magnificent, and also has a pretty waterfall
  • the village of Laragh: surely the most touristic village in County Wicklow! It is appreciated for its charm, its houses with colourful facades, and its numerous cultural and tourist activities.
  • lugnaquilla: the highest mountain in the Wicklow Mountains! From its 925 meters, the mountain is accessible via the village of Aughavannagh. It takes no less than 8 hours to reach its summit on foot: a difficult mountain to climb, so it’s a mountain to avoid for amateur hikers!
  • the monastic site of Glendalough: at the end of the R115, take the R756, you should come to one of the most famous monastic sites in Ireland! The area is magnificent, with its ruined churches, round tower and cemetery. A place lost in an exceptional wilderness!

Old Military Road
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south of Dublin in County Wicklow.

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53.114250, -6.323000
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