North Bull Lighthouse in Dublin

North Bull Lighthouse - William Murphy - cc
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Adresse Location:
Dublin, (County Dublin)

The North Bull Lighthouse is one of the 2 lighthouses (along with the Poolbeg Lighthouse) that mark the entrance to Dublin Harbour. Easy to recognize with its green color, it is located precisely on the north side of the harbour entrance, and is one of the emblematic lighthouses of the Irish capital.

See the North Bull Lighthouse

A lighthouse beside men and the fury of the ocean…

Admittedly, the North Bull Lighthouse is not the most imposing lighthouse in Ireland. Nevertheless, it is one of the best known in Dublin! The fault lies in its atypical colour and its rather atypical architecture!

Entirely automated, you will only be able to see it from the pier: its access being strictly forbidden to the general public. Don’t hesitate to walk around: you will then be able to admire this lighthouse, with its external bell, its windows spread over 4 floors as well as its clear top, protected by ramps.

Don’t miss the Poolbeg Lighthouse, a lighthouse located on the pier, less than 50 meters away… You can breathe in the fresh air and admire the rhythm of the ocean and these lighthouses tirelessly guiding the boats at night and in fog.

North Bull Lighthouse in Dublin
Practical information

Address Address:
on Dublin Harbour

Coordonnées GPSGPS:
53.342124, -6.151300

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