Muglins lighthouse

Muglins lighthouse - © Peter Krocka
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Dalkey, (County Dublin)

Muglins Ligththouse is an Irish lighthouse located near the village of Dalkey. Located on a tiny rocky island, it is easily recognisable by its red and white rings and its automatic light that turns at nightfall. It’s a pretty cool lighthouse that can be admired during a boat trip!

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An isolated lighthouse in Dublin Bay!

Muglins lighthouse - © Peter Krocka

Muglins lighthouse – © Peter Krocka

Muglins Lighthouse is one of Dalkey’s tourist attractions. Officially owned by the Commissioners of Irish Lights, the building was built in 1880 and has since been automated. It has been solar powered since 1997 and emits a blinding flash every 5 seconds to approaching vessels.

To visit it, you need to know that the lighthouse is located on a separate island, behind Dalkey Island. Easily accessible by boat, it can be admired from the open sea…

But be careful: apart from the lighthouse, there is nothing else on this tiny island but rocks and rockery! And landing can be dangerous depending on the weather!

However, the lighthouse cannot be visited from the inside, and access to the outside ladder is forbidden.

So it’s best to admire the lighthouse from the boat. You can then take a trip to Dalkey Island, just a short distance away. Its Martello tower and ruined house will offer you an authentic spectacle… especially with the Muglins lighthouse a little further in your field of vision!

Finally, don’t hesitate to end your trip to Dalkey by exploring its village. Don’t miss its famous castle: a crenellated square tower with a fascinating history that will plunge you into the heart of medieval Ireland! Simply fascinating!

Muglins lighthouse
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53.27554330705396, -6.075787111644211

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