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Muckish Mountain

Localisation en Irlande
Muckish Mountain Summit - rgmcfadden - cc

Informations about Muckish Mountain

Location in Ireland Ireland County: County Donegal (Republic of Ireland)
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Address : Derryveagh Mountains, Donegal Town, Ireland

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Muckish Mountain (Irish: Mucais or Mhucais in Gaelic) is a mountain in County Donegal, part of the Derryveagh Mountains. Peaking at 666 metres, this mountain has the particularity of having a flat summit, without a peak or pass. Considered to be the 3rd largest mountain in the Derryveagh Mountains range, it is one of the coolest peaks to hike on!

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A flat-topped mountain

Muckish Mountain has a hiking trail known as “Miner’s Path”.

It allows access to the summit from the north face, and thus to take the old road used by the miners of the time, who wanted to reach a quartz and sand quarry, located on the side of the mountain. The sand extracted there was used at the time for the manufacture of optical glasses. You can still admire the site: although now condemned, the quarry’s infrastructures are still visible.

To the south of the summit, there is also an imposing cairn dating from the Neolithic period. Although in ruins, it is one of the largest megalithic complexes in Donegal.

The mountain offers beautiful views of the surrounding villages such as Falcarragh, Moyra, Dunfanaghy and Creeslough. The Bridge of Tears, an iconic bridge in the county’s history, is also worth a visit. North of the summit you will also come across a metal cross, added in 2000 to replace an old wooden cross, which had been damaged by storms.

Practical informations

Adresse Address: Derryveagh Mountains, Donegal Town, Ireland
Location: (County Donegal)

GPS coordinatesGPS : 55.100588,-8.004509

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*indicative price may vary according to the season and the policy of the establishment.

Gaelic name: Mhucais

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