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Moydrum Castle

Moydrum Castle - Adlo1981 - cc

Moydrum Castle is a ruined castle located near the village of Moydrum not far from the town of Athlone in County Westmeath. Built around the 1810s by architect Richard Morrisson, the building is a fine example of Gothic and Renaissance style.

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A castle burned down by the IRA, and left abandoned.

The Moydrum Castle was built for the Handcock family, originally from Devon in England. Settled in Ireland during the 17th century to take part in the Plantation episode, this family remained one of the most important landowners in the region.

It takes the form of a manor house, with square and crenellated turrets at each corner. Partially in ruins, it was the victim of a terrible fire, perpetrated by the IRA on the night of July 3, 1921, while Ireland was still in the middle of the War of Independence.

The castle was still inhabited at the time by the 5th Baron Handcock. The IRA considered the castle to be an important symbol of the British presence in Ireland, and decided to evict its inhabitants, before setting fire to it, totally destroying Moydrum Castle.

Since then, the place has been deserted and is one of the notable tourist sites in County Westmeath. The Handcock family never returned to the property and the land has since been sold to the Irish State.

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