Mottee Stone

La Mottee stone - La Mottee stone - © Adam
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The Mottee Stone is an imposing stone, located in County Wicklow, between Wexford and Dublin. This Ice Age heritage even offers a superb panorama for anyone who decides to climb to its summit! A nice curiosity, which will take you away from the traditional tourist sites!

History of Mottee Stone

Between history and legend…

The Mottee stone is a stone full of history and legend.

Lost alone in the middle of a field, it would have officially arrived there at the time of the Ice Age, swept away by great currents of ice.

Legend has it that Fionn MacCumhaill threw the granite rock from Lugnaquilla Mountain. It was a great test of strength!

Visit the Mottee Stone

A rock that will grant your wishes!

Located on the road to Avoca-Rathdrum, the Mottee stone has its own car park, which will allow you to park without any problem, before accessing the rock.

The rock is more than 3 meters high and has a circumference of more than 4 meters. A small metal ladder has been inserted into it to allow you to reach its summit. The panorama offered is then sublime!

For the most superstitious among you, know that Mottee’s stone will grant your wishes! All you have to do is go around the stone three times, without thinking of a goat… and that’s it!

Mottee Stone
Practical information

Address Address:
towards Cronebane, on the road to Avoca-Rathdrum

Coordonnées GPSGPS:
52.887047, -6.208170

Duration of the visit Duration of the visit:
30 minutes
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