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Monea Castle is a castle in Northern Ireland, located in the village of Enniskillen in County Fermanagh. It is a beautiful example of a Scottish style castle. Although in ruins, it is accessible for free, and has a dark charm typical of Irish castles!

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A castle of Scottish influence

The Monea Castle - jamie_okeefe - cc

The Monea Castle – jamie_okeefe – cc

The castle dates from 1816 and was arranged as a fortified, rectangular tower house with three floors. It consists of large attics as well as two cylindrical towers on either side of the main entrance of the building, surmounted by a kind of small house. It is these towers that bear witness to the Scottish influence in the construction of the castle.

Monea Castle was built for the Reverend Malcolm Hamilton, who later became Archbishop of Cashel in 1623. Unfortunately, the castle was besieged during the Irish Rebellion of 1641. It was later occupied by Gustav Hamilton, then Governor of Enniskillen, who died in 1691.

The estate was sold in 1704, before falling victim to a terrible fire. The castle was then definitively abandoned and is since then part of the national monuments of Ireland. It can of course be visited, but only from the outside, as the ruins remain shaky and dangerous for an internal visit… Nevertheless, you will be able to admire the magnificent vaulted ceiling on the ground floor, as well as the imposing architecture of the building.

The place is magical and restful, ideal for a break in the North Irish countryside!

Monea Castle
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