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Merrion Square is a residential square in Dublin, located not far from the city centre. It features a large garden planted with trees, surrounded by a Georgian-style residential area (with its typical red bricks). The corner is rather nice, and very appreciated by Dubliners!

History of Merrion Square

A Square frequented by the writers and lawyers of the time…

Merrion Square was created in 1762 and was finally completed in the early 19th century. This square is mainly known to have been a gathering place for many great Irish figures such as William Butler Yeats, who lived in the neighbourhood at n°82, Oscar Wilde, who lived at n°1 and Daniel O’Connell at n°58 .

In order to better pay tribute to these high-ranking figures, it was decided to put up a statue of Oscar Wilde in 1997, in the heart of the square, as well as commemorative and historical plaques, to better inform visitors about the history of the site.

Visit Merrion Square

A very popular square for Dubliners

If you like the Georgian style, with its opulent, uniform buildings and tree-lined gardens, then Merrion Square is a great place for a stroll! You will discover a typical architecture, with brightly colored doors, high windows, open to the street, and bright red brick facades.

In the centre of the district, you can then venture into the square itself, with its sculpture of Oscar Wilde, nonchalantly installed on a rock, frozen in a lascivious pose. Not far from the statue stands a second statue: that of a naked woman, facing the writer.

Finally, don’t hesitate to take a walk in the square: high trees, coupled with charming lawns will cut you off from the city completely, and will give you a well-deserved calm!

Merrion Square
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