Meehambee dolmen - Cliona Keating - cc

Meehambee Dolmen

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Meehambee dolmen - Cliona Keating - cc

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Location in Ireland Ireland County: County Roscommon (Republic of Ireland)
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Address : east of Athlone, on the M6 road

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The Meehambee Dolmen is an Irish megalithic portal, located in County Roscommon. Dating back to about 3500 B.C., it will impress you with its size and picturesque setting on the edge of the forest!

Visit the Meehambee Dolmen

A dolmen discovered only in the 1960s!

Located near the M6 road, the Meehambee dolmen is one of the most beautiful megaliths in the county. Accessible free of charge, you will be able to admire it without being able to get too close (barbed wire has been installed to avoid damaging the megaliths).

For the record, the Meehambee Dolmen was not discovered until the 1960s. Two children playing there would have accidentally dug up 2 prehistoric axes… which led to extensive archaeological excavations. The dolmen was discovered and protected as national heritage…

Rather impressive, the dolmen is now 2.3 meters high. It consists of 6 megaliths covered with moss, bearing a 24-ton cornerstone at a 45-degree angle. The stone supporting the back of the upper table has collapsed, causing the entire dolmen to gradually slide down.

According to researchers, the Meehambee Dolmen is the burial place of a former king or clan leader living during the Neolithic period. Many bones and other objects of the time were found there…

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Adresse Address: east of Athlone, on the M6 road
Location: (County Roscommon)

GPS coordinatesGPS : 53.411944,-8.019722

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