Marble Arch Caves - Sean MacEntee - cc

Marble Arch Caves

Marble Arch Caves - Sean MacEntee - cc

The Marble Arch Caves is one of the largest caves in Northern Ireland! Located in Enniskillen in County Fermanagh, it will make you discover the territory under another facet! On the program, underground galleries and dark depths: enough to delight adventurers!

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A sinuous and mysterious limestone cave

Marble Arch Caves - Sean MacEntee - cc

The Marble Arch Caves – Sean MacEntee – cc

The Marbles Arch Caves is a series of underground galleries, dug over time by 3 rivers that still meander through the Cladagh Glen mountainside.

As a result, the cave is more than 11.5km long: an impressive dimension, which makes the Marbles Arch Caves one of the most imposing caves in Northern Ireland!

Open to the public, the cave can be visited with a guide specialized in speleology. You will then be able to learn about the geological formation of the cave, and explore each gallery at your leisure! Secure paths will allow you to walk around and admire the nooks and crannies of the cave, with its galleries, stalagtites and stalagmites, as well as its impressive waterfalls! All of this is of course illuminated by spots, which gives the place an exceptional charm!

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Address Address: 43 Marlbank Road Legnabrocky - Florencecourt
Lieu : (County Fermanagh)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 54.258544,-7.813111

PricesPrices* :

8.75 £ / person

*prix indicatif pouvant varier en fonction de la saison et de la politique de l'établissement.

SchedulesSchedules :

every day from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

DurationDuration: 1h15