The Metropolitan Arts Centre (MAC) in Belfast

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Located on Exchange Street in Belfast, the MAC (also known as the Metropolitan Arts Centre) is a true institution in Northern Ireland. This centre is considered the lung of the cultural and artistic life of Belfast! The place offers an astonishing programme of music, shows, theatre and dance! The landmark for the curious and lovers of the performing arts!

Visit the Metropolitan Arts Centre (MAC)

A centre that pays tribute to art in all its forms!

Housed in a modern building in Belfast, the Metropolitan Arts Centre is renowned for its varied and astonishing monthly programming. Musical comedy, theatre, conceptual art: there’s something for everyone, and no fuss! In just a few years, it has become a popular meeting place for the people of Belfast.

The centre’s programme has the advantage of moving regularly: don’t hesitate to visit its website from time to time! It would be an opportunity to spend an unusual evening, meeting the artistic sensibility of Belfast! Music, plays, exhibitions…

Don’t miss its local restaurant, located in the Mac centre itself. Called “NATIVE”, it offers a fine cuisine of first-rate freshness, inspired by Irish recipes and local produce! You will be able to prolong the evening on the spot by tasting 100% Northern Irish cuisine, between modernity and respect for culinary traditions!

The Metropolitan Arts Centre (MAC) in Belfast
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Exchange Street - Belfast

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