The Lynch castle, Galway - Wally Hartshorn - cc

Lynch’s Castle

The Lynch castle, Galway - Wally Hartshorn - cc

Don’t trust the name of the building: Lynch’s Castle doesn’t really have the attributes of a castle… However, this Gothic building in downtown Galway was owned by a large Galway family in the 15th century before being converted into a hotel. Nowadays, the castle is occupied by an Irish bank. A very old building, which blends in perfectly with the modern buildings in the area! Although it is not a must, don’t hesitate to stop in front of it!

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A 15th century castle now converted into a bank

Lynch’s Castle is located at the corner of Shop Street and Abbey Gate Street Upper. It was once owned by the largest family in the area, the Lynches, an influential family who were active participants in Galway’s economy in the Middle Ages. It was later bought in 1930 by Allied Irish Banks, who restored it from top to bottom.

The castle consists of 4 floors, and was added an extension in 1808, as well as some notable improvements. Although you can only visit the ground floor, you can still admire on the front facade a framed panel displaying the arms of King Henry VII, King of England from 1484 to 1509, as well as the Lynch family coat of arms. On the other side you can also see the coat of arms of the Earl of Kildare, famous for liberating Galway at the Battle of Knockdoe in 1504.

Also don’t miss the many gargoyles that mark the building’s deep Gothic style! It’s a rarity around here!

A nice building, certainly, but not one of the city’s must-sees…

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Address Address: at the corner of Shop Street and Abbey Gate Street Upper in Galway.
Lieu : (County Galway)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 53.273179,-9.052254

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Monday to Saturday

DurationDuration: 15 minutes

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