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Luggala (also called Fancy Mountain) is a mountain in County Wicklow. Rising to an altitude of 595 metres, Luggala overlooks Lough Tay, a pretty Irish lake with deep, dark waters. A great place for wilderness freaks!

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A mountain all found for climbing

Luggala is located approximately 45 kilometres (28 miles) southwest of Dublin. Beautiful, with Lough Tay below, the area is great for hiking, but also for climbing, or just enjoying the beautiful scenery!

Mainly made of granite, the mountain is very popular with climbers. Please ask at the Visitor Centre in the Wicklow Mountains National Park. They will be able to advise you on the best route to take.

For walkers, the site has more than 188 trails of all difficulties. Enough to have a great time, in an idyllic setting: sports enthusiasts will be delighted! A few tips, however: don’t venture out on your own, and bring a good backpack and good walking shoes.

One last thing: Luggala is a popular film location. It is here that the “Viking” series and the film “Excalibur” were filmed.

Luggala Mountain
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in the Wicklow Mountains National Park, near the R759 or R115.

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53.105787, -6.284481
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