A lake that looks like a pint of Guinness? Welcome to Lough Tay, a beautiful Irish lake, located in the Wicklow Mountains National Park (Co. Wicklow) in Ireland. At a glance, one is as much amazed as challenged: the lake is not only beautiful, but it literally looks like a pint! Endowed with a white sand beach (very astonishing by the way), Lough Tay has all the attributes of a stout glass: from the white foam, to its dark dress! A really nice place, ideal to admire during a little hike or a car trip!

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A lake with dark waters and a breathtaking view!

Le Lough Tay – © dimm808

Le Lough Tay – © dimm808

The charm of Irish lakes is not a legend. The proof is in Lough Tay, an emblematic lake of the island of Ireland! The latter can be admired from the top of the mountains, on the R759, by taking the Wicklow Way (a marked hiking trail that passes by the Sally Gap). However, it is also possible to discover it by car, and some tourist buses also pass by there.

The place has above all its charm thanks to its geographical situation: it is located exactly between Djouce Mountain and Luggala Mountain, two wild and imposing mountains, which give it an additional beauty.

Fed by the river Cloghoge, the north side of the lake belongs to the famous Guinness family (owner of the brewery of the same name, and which listens to millions of liters every day in Ireland). A nice coincidence, especially when you know that the lake looks like a pint of Guinness in every way, with its dark waters and its white sandy beach, like a creamy hat.

The site is superb and very well preserved. It must be said that the owners do everything to protect the lake and keep it as it is.

That’s why fishing is forbidden, as well as water sports. But nature lovers will be pleased: the site can be walked along the Wicklow Way. In this case, bring a good pair of shoes (suitable for hiking), a camera, a windbreaker and something to eat and drink. Do not hesitate to improvise a small picnic on the spot while admiring the view: the place changes with the day and the climate. You even have the impression to be confronted with a different lake according to the time of the day!

For the little anecdote, you should know that the place was used in many films and series as a shooting place. Starting with the series Vikings, where it is used to represent the village of Kattegat, where Ragnar Lodbrok lives. The lake is not totally identifiable, because of the special effects (where it is presented as a fjord, with ice and a hostile environment), but it is easy to recognize for travelers having already explored it. Note that the lake is used as a filming location throughout the series.

Anyway, we advise you to go there at the beginning of the day and in good weather: you will have less people, and it is more pleasant to take the trails when the sky is clear.

Don’t forget to take the Sally Gap: it is a mountainous passage which overhangs Lough Tay. You can walk or drive over it, and the view is incredible. You will feel like you are alone in the world! It is one of the best spots in the Wicklow Mountains National Park.

Even better: according to the Irish, it is one of the most beautiful views in Ireland! A real postcard landscape.

Lough Tay
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on the R759, in the Wicklow Mountains National Park

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