View of Lough Key - Apiechorowska - cc

Lough Key

View of Lough Key - Apiechorowska - cc

Lough Key is an Irish lake, located in the county of Roscommon, less than 3km east of the town of La Boyne. The lake is particularly popular with anglers, who come here to angling, and with hikers, who like to drag their walking shoes on Lough Key Forest Park, a 320-hectare park along the lake…

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A wild lake for peace and escape

Lough Key is named after a druid named Cé, who drowned here during the formation of the lake. Nowadays, Lough Key has a rather triangular shape, and is composed of about thirty islets, all mainly wooded (including Castle Island which houses a medieval castle, Stag Island, Bullock Island, Drummand Island…etc.)

It belongs to the northern part of the Shannon watershed, and then flows into a short tributary of the Boyle River.

Fishermen love to canoe there for an afternoon: the area is famous for its trout, pike and wild salmon! The area is also rather nice, and the wait for a fish will not be too long, if you like to revere the beautiful views overlooking the lake and Lough Key Forest Park.

The park has a beautiful viewpoint: the Moylurg Tower, which overlooks the lake, its peat bogs and grassy areas. Also don’t miss the five ring-forts, spread out within the Ough Key Forest Park itself. Most of them are in ruins, but the sites are worth a look!

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Address Address: on the N4 road: a belvedere allows you to admire the lake and the park
Lieu : (County Roscommon)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 54.001502,-8.253790

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