Lough Erne - Caroline Johnston - cc

Lough Erne

Lough Erne - Caroline Johnston - cc

Lough Erne consists of 2 lakes crossing the whole of County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland. Lough Erne is a popular destination for anglers and recreational boaters and offers a wide range of water sports activities, from simple boat trips to water skiing. Not to mention of course the beauty of the surrounding countryside, which plunges you into a typically Irish picturesque world!

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Lough Erne: the Junction of 2 lakes

Lough Erne originally consisted of two lakes, both of which are connected by a 16 km long arm of the river Erne. The town of Enniskillen is built on the banks of the river Erne. Each of the 2 lakes has a prolific water, ideal for angling or boating. There’s nothing like enjoying the silence and admiring the surrounding scenery in a wooden boat!

More specifically, Lough Erne consists of:

  • upper Lough Erne, higher but smaller than its neighbour, the lake is no more than 20 km long
  • of Lower Lough Erne, on the other hand, is 29km long.

Lough Erne Islands

Each lake has charming little islands, which were once inhabited, some of which are still inhabited today. Don’t miss a short trip to Devenish Island on Lower Lough Erne. This picturesque little island is home to the ruins of a wonderful monastery (Le Monastère de Saint Molaise), as well as the remains of a large round tower, where the monks stored their relics as well as their most precious writings.

It was on the island of Belle-Isles that the Annals of Ulster, one of the major Irish texts written in the 15th century, was written.

If you also wish to explore the other islands, here is a list of those that might be of interest to you:

Islands of Lower Lough Erne:

  • Boa Island
  • Cleenishmeen Island
  • Crevinishaughy Island
  • Cruninish Island
  • Devenish Island
  • Ely Island
  • Horse Island
  • Inish Doney
  • Inish Fovar
  • Inish Lougher
  • Inish More
  • Inishmacsaint
  • Inishmakill
  • Lusty Beg Island
  • Lusty More Island
  • White Island

Islands of Upper Lough Erne

  • Bleanish Island
  • Dernish Island
  • Inishcorkish
  • Inishcrevan
  • Inishfendra
  • Inishleague
  • Inishlught
  • Inishturk
  • Killygowan Island
  • Naan Island
  • Trannish

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Address Address: follow the A4 in the direction of Enniskillen
Lieu : (County Fermanagh)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 54.481991,-7.797137