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Lismore Castle

Lismore castle - Caitlin - cc

Informations about Lismore Castle

Location in Ireland Ireland County: County Waterford (Republic of Ireland)
Location :
Address : Follow the R666, and go to downtown Lismore.

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Lismore Castle is a beautiful Irish castle in County Waterford. Property of the Duke of Devonshire, it was renovated from top to bottom in the 19th century, and has over 800 years of history behind it….

History of Lismore Castle

A castle in the hands of the Dukes of Devonshire

The history of the castle began in 1588, when a wealthy Englishman named Richard Foyle landed in Ireland.

Newly wealthy, he bought the land of the castle, and transformed the site by building a castle, a courtyard, and a crenellated defensive wall with a sentry box. The apartments are then sumptuous, with magnificent plaster ceilings, tapestries, hangings, and period furniture.

It was here in 1627 that Robert Boyle, the father of modern chemistry, was born, the fourteenth of the Earl’s fifteen children.

Over the generations, the castle was passed down from father to son until 1645, when the castle was devastated by the Cromwellian period. A Catholic confederation commanded by Lord Castlehaven destroyed a large part of the building. Restoration work was then undertaken by Richard Boyle, 2nd Earl of Cork (1612-1698) to make the building habitable again.

The present architectural style of the castle was only developed in the 19th century by the 6th Duke of Devonshire (1790-1858). In 1811, he undertook to transform the castle into a Gothic and feudal style. He hired the architect William Atkinson (1812-1822) for the occasion and had cut stone delivered from Derbyshire. In 1850 he hired another architect, Sir Joseph Paxton, the designer of Crystal Palace, to make significant improvements to the castle. In addition, the ruined former abbey, which had existed long before the castle, was renovated into a grand banqueting hall.

Since then, the appearance of the castle has hardly changed. The owners live from time to time in private apartments in the castle, but have made the rest of the building available for event rentals. Thus, the castle can be rented for receptions and weddings! One room has even been converted into a gallery for contemporary art (the “Lismore Castle Arts”).

Visit Lismore Castle

A grandiose castle!

Lismore Castle is located on the Blackwater River, and is connected by a bridge. You can visit its sumptuous gardens and the contemporary sculptures that decorate it.

You will find sculptures by great artists such as Anthony Gormley, Marzia Colonna and Eilis O’Connell. The garden is quiet and beautiful!

As for the castle, you will unfortunately have to pay a high price for the privilege of visiting its interior. Stays of at least 2 days can be booked: they will allow you to eat in the famous banqueting hall, and to sleep in sumptuous medieval rooms, decorated with silk tapestries and paintings by great artists!

An exceptional luxury, which will delight all lovers of medieval castles!

Practical informations

Adresse Address: Follow the R666, and go to downtown Lismore.
Location: (County Waterford)

GPS coordinatesGPS : 52.140505,-7.932037

PricePrice* :

free entrance to the garden

*indicative price may vary according to the season and the policy of the establishment.

Opening HoursOpening Hours:

Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

DurationDuration: 30 minutes

Web siteWeb site : Go to the website


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