Larrybane Bay

Larrynane Bay - Burkazoid - cc
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Ballintoy, (County Antrim)

Larrynane Bay is one of the most protected coasts of Northern Ireland. Magnificent with its clear stone cliffs, it is a superb playground to walk around and admire the landscape!

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A majestic place, used for filming

Larrynane Bay - Burkazoid - cc

Larrynane Bay – Burkazoid – cc

Let it be said: Larrybane is a flagship tourist site in the region. Renowned for the beauty of its cliffs and beaches, the place has the advantage of being wild and populated by a great diversity of fauna and flora.

Its beauty is such, that the series Games of Throne (The Iron Throne), even used the place for the shooting of its episodes!

For the adventurous, we advise you to put on your hiking boots, and to walk along the bay from the top of its cliffs, then from below, on the side of its beaches. The view is breathtaking, and will allow you to admire Sheep Island, a joyful island in the bay, surrounded by threatening reefs.

You will also be able to admire during your walk the amazing limestone quarry mounted on the cliff. It must be said that the cliffs were exploited and dynamited for nearly a century, before being abandoned… Some blasting has also caused many weaknesses in the rock: do not venture on the rocks doubtful, because many landslides still occur today.

Note the possibility for the curious to admire a beautiful cave with impressive stalagmites. The access is a little difficult but should delight geology lovers!

Finally, if you’re not afraid of the cold, don’t hesitate to push your hike up to the Carrick a Rede Bridge, a rope bridge suspended in the void, which will allow you to connect Carrick Island.

The spectacle is really magnificent, and will offer you a complete panorama of the bay and the cliffs of Larrybane!

Larrybane Bay
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northeast of Ballintoy

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55.241024, -6.359272

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