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The Lagan is a name designating a river in Northern Ireland. It originates in the Slieve Croob Mountain in County Down, and meanders its way along County Antrim, through Belfast and into the Atlantic Ocean in Belfast Lough.

Discover the Lagan

A river in the process of upgrading

With a length of 86km, the Lagan River is currently undergoing major changes. Initially over-polluted, its banks only served as industrial districts for the city of Belfast. Sad and dreary, idle districts, where the inhabitants of Belfast were reluctant to enter.

However, a vast project launched in 1987, made it possible to upgrade the river and revitalize the old abandoned districts. Thus, a vast campaign was launched to redevelop the banks, and to make the place as trendy as possible!

Places to discover on the shores of the Lagan

  • The Big Fish of Belfast – Eoin Gardiner – cc

    the Obel Tower is an 80 metre high tower, built in 2010. It is the tallest building in the city and a true symbol of renewal!

  • the Big Fish is a monument featuring a gigantic blue fish. Covered in ceramic, it is now one of the most important symbols of Belfast!
  • the Beacon of Hope: a metal statue nearly 20 metres high. A symbol of hope, it represents a woman carrying a circle at her arm’s length!
  • the Sheep on the Road: these bronze statues represent a shepherd and his sheep, in memory of the cattle market that used to be held on Lanyon Place.
  • the Titanic Quarter: a huge neighbourhood, named in honour of the Titanic (the liner was built here). You will be able to admire the dry dock that was used to build it: Titanic’s Dock and Pump-House. Also nearby is the famous Titanic Belfast Experience, a museum dedicated to the liner, and a visit to the SS Nomadic. Other Titanic Quarter attractions include the W5 Interactive Discovery Centre, a fun museum dedicated to science!

Fishing on the Lagan River

The river is currently undergoing a major redevelopment: in the process of being cleaned up, it will undergo a vast salmon restocking project in the next few years. For the time being, it is therefore not recommended to fish there: let nature regain its rights!

Practical information

Address Address:
Belfast, County Antrim and County Down

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54.499700, -6.098920

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