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Glantane, (County Cork)

Knocknakilla is a vast megalithic complex located between the villages of Macroom and Millstreet in County Cork. Over 3500 years old, the site includes numerous alignments, stone circles and a cairn.

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A rather rich prehistoric complex!

Knocknakilla is set in the heart of peat bogs on the upper slopes northwest of Musherabeg Mountain. Rather well-preserved, the site consists of many carved and sculpted megaliths. The stone circle is one of the most identifiable megaliths. It consists of about ten stones, not exceeding 1.5m in height. Two of these megaliths have unfortunately fallen, and thus break the shape of the circle.

An alignment, located not far from the first site seems to have been arranged to be in perfect straight line with the stone circle.

You will also cross on your way a radial cairn, composed of 10 megaliths, forming a diameter of 3.5 meters. A standing stone, placed on the cairn then reaches a height of 3.7 metres: a rather impressive sight!

The site has the merit of being calm and restful: little known by tourists, it is relatively little frequented, which is an advantage to better enjoy the place!

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Address Address:
between the villages of Macroom and Millstreet.

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52.016278, -9.035130
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