Knock Airport

Knock Airport

Knock Airport

Knock Airport is an Irish regional airport, located in County Mayo. It is the 4th busiest airport in the country, behind Dublin, Cork and Shannon! An ideal airport if you want to discover the north-western half of Ireland!

Travelling with Knock Airport

An ideal airport to discover the north-west of the country!

Located 20km from the city of Knock, the airport of the same name is one of the most popular airports for tourist flights. It must be said that its location makes it an ideal place to discover the North-Western part of Ireland!

Many companies serve it, and ensure the connection between Knock and European cities. Although much less important than an airport like Dublin, Knock Airport can be rather useful to avoid crowds and travel in peace and quiet.

Practical informations

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Address Address: Charlestown
Lieu : (County Mayo)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 53.914096,-8.811139

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