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Kinbane Head

Kinbane Head - minipixel - cc

Kinbane Head is a Northern Irish peninsula located in Antrim County. Located not far from Giant’s Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede Bridge, the place is in the form of a promontory bordering the ocean. A magnificent sight, not to be missed if you pass by!

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A castle and rocks facing the ocean

Kinbane Head is worth the detour for 2 reasons: firstly for its ruined castle, rather unknown to tourists, but also for its rocky promontory, allowing you to overlook the water! People prone to vertigo should refrain!

Access to Kinbane Head is free, and rather easy. Nevertheless, don’t hesitate to cover yourself well: the place is windy and humid whatever the period!

Don’t hesitate to take the marked path: it will lead you to the ruins of Kinbane Castle, then to the promontory. Be careful as you go along: the path gets narrower as you go along, and it is not really safe. At the very end, you can enjoy a great view of the ocean and the rocks, constantly swept by the waves!

A must see!

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Address Address: about 3 miles from Ballycastle
Lieu : (County Antrim)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 55.229406,-6.299035

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