Kinbane castle - © Evaldas

Kinbane Castle

Kinbane castle - © Evaldas

Kinbane Castle is a superb ruined castle in Northern Ireland, on the headland of Kinbane Head. Considered a historic monument, it offers a breathtaking view of Rathlin Island and Dunagregor Fort.

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Kinbane Castle dates back to 1547 and is believed to have been built by Colla MacDonnell, a wealthy member of a local clan. Built on a strategic promontory, the castle was nevertheless besieged in 1551 and 1555 by English forces, decimating the occupants of the fortress almost every time.

Down below is a rocky hollow known as “Lag na Sassenach”.  It is said to have been used by the owners of the castle as a refuge during every siege. Unfortunately, the MacDonnells were massacred there by the English each time.

The castle passed from hand to hand until the 18th century, when it was abandoned by the MacAllisters.

Today, Kinbane Castle is in a state of ruin. Facing the ocean, it offers an exceptional spectacle! What’s more, the castle is rather unknown to tourists: all the more reason to go there, and to avoid the crowds!

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Address Address: on Kinbane Head in Ballycastle
Lieu : (County Antrim)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 55.230003,-6.301287

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