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Inishmore, (County Galway)
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Killeany Abbey is an ancient Irish monastery, located on the island of Inishmore, in the Aran Islands archipelago. Founded in the 5th century, following the evangelization of Ireland by St. Patrick, it was an important religious center.

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A monastery made up of 7 churches

Killeany Abbey was built in 490 by Saint Enda, on a cliff overlooking the sea. Its aim was to train monks to become evangelists and then send them to convert the people of Europe.

Today, the monastery is in ruins, but it is one of the great attractions of Inishmore Island. Although the roofs have not been able to withstand the ravages of time, the rest of the architecture has been preserved.

So you can guess the different churches and buildings that made up Killeany Abbey. Don’t miss the vaulted doors, and the Celtic crosses in the cemetery: they bring an authentic charm to the monastery!

Killeany Abbey
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on Inishmore Island

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53.106604, -9.679482
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