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Kilkea Castle is a beautiful Irish castle located in County Kildare. Located 5km from Castledermot, the origins of the castle date back to the 12th century. The place is sublime, and the building is exceptional!

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Kilkea Castle is currently closed to visitors. Converted into a hotel in the 20th century, it unfortunately suffered the crisis of 2008, and is currently closed and offered for sale.

This will prevent you from visiting the interior for the moment. However, you will be able to admire its exterior facade, with its typical Anglo-Norman architecture, built by Hugues de Lacy in 1180. Moreover, a strange legend is said to have been told about the castle: Garrett Og Fitzgerald, one of the owners of the building, is said to have indulged in magic within the castle… Enough to feed our imagination!

Kilkea Castle
Practical information

Address Address:
à 5km the Castledermot

Coordonnées GPSGPS:
52.943357, -6.886715
Opening hoursOpening hours:

closed to visitors

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