Kilcash Castle

Kilcash Castle - joe ormonde
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Kilcash, (County Tipperary)

Kilcash Castle is an Irish ruined castle in County Tipperary. Situated on the N24 road west of Ballydine, it is believed to date from the 16th century and was gradually extended over the following centuries. Beautiful, it is currently being restored (so you won’t be able to visit it yet). But patience: the castle should be open to the public soon!

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An abandoned castle, currently under restoration

With its grave and picturesque charm, Kilcash Castle seems to come straight out of a dream… It must be said that its ruins have a lot to do with its stones overgrown with vegetation, its sections of partial walls, and its main tower still standing …

For the moment, it will be impossible for you to get close to it, but you will be able to admire it from a good distance. It should be noted that the site also hosts just next to it an old medieval church in Romanesque style, with a magnificent cemetery of the same period. Some of the tombstones go back to the 18th century and have beautiful engravings.

Kilcash Castle
Practical information

Address Address:
northeast of Clonmel

Coordonnées GPSGPS:
52.397373, -7.521268
Opening hoursOpening hours:

closed to visitors due to restoration

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