Kilbeggan Distillery Experience

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The Kilbeggan Distillery Experience is an Irish distillery located in County Westmeath. Located inside a small museum, the distillery is open all year round to visitors and will allow you to discover all the stages of whiskey production, from the process of grinding the grain to the Kilbeggan whiskey runaway.

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The Temple of Kilbeggan Whiskey Making

You will be able to visit the first places where Kilbeggan whiskey was made, as well as the large stills used for the triple distillation of the beverage (triple distillation is a characteristic belonging only to Irish whiskeys).

You will learn that the town’s whiskey is produced from barley, malted corn and clear water, boiled and then distilled 3 times in large copper stills. The resulting beverage is then stored in oak casks, and aged for periods ranging from 10 to 30 years in a large room where hundreds of whiskey casks that have not yet reached maturity are stored. The setting is splendid, surrounded by thick walls of imposing granite stone blocks: a marvel!

Most of the equipment and machinery on display often dates back to the early days of Kilbeggan Distillery! You will find a steam engine from 1887, as well as fermentation vats up to 9 metres high!

At the end of your visit you can enjoy a glass of Kilbeggan whiskey to prolong the pleasure. If you enjoyed the taste of this beverage, don’t miss the distillery’s shop, where you will find a number of glasses bearing the distillery’s logo, not to mention the many bottles of Kilbeggan whiskey on sale. (Drink in moderation of course).

Kilbeggan Distillery Experience
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Monday to Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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