Kenmare Stone Circle

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Kenmare, (County Kerry)

The Kenmare Stone Circle is one of the largest stone circles in Ireland. Situated just outside the town of Kenmare, it is a major tourist attraction on the Ring of Kerry. A really nice place to discover, especially if you are a fan of big imposing megaliths!

Visit the Kenmare Stone Circle

One of the largest stone circles in all of Ireland!

A visit to the Kenmare Stone Circle is free, and is open at all times of the day and night. Situated not far from Cromwell Bridge, the stone circle has particularly imposing dimensions…

Thus, imagine a stone circle of 17,4m by 15,8m, including 15 megaliths, as well as a 16th of 7 tons located in the center… And this last one is far from being a small block ! This one is 2 meters long and 1.8 meters wide, and is arranged in the form of a flat stone on top… Two small boulders seem to support the base of the megalith, giving it a strange dolmen look…

According to many studies, this central block was used as an altar for rituals in the Neolithic period… Some traces of fireplaces have also been found there, as well as other vestiges located around the site…

As for the other blocks, arranged all around the central megalith, they have a much smaller size, and describe an oval rather than a circle… Their arrangement seems to be particularly precise, both in terms of the distances between each of them and their relationship to the central block…

Kenmare Stone Circle
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follow the N71 near Cromwell Bridge

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51.878986, -9.587501

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15 minutes
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