Kells Bay - Robert Linsdell - cc

Kells Bay

Localisation en Irlande
Kells Bay - Robert Linsdell - cc

Informations about Kells Bay

Location in Ireland Ireland County: County Kerry (Republic of Ireland)
Location :
Address : on the way to the Ring of Kerry...

Type de lieu Type :  

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Kells Bay is a beautiful little beach in the Ring of Kerry. On the program, small forest next to the sea, fine sand beach, turquoise water … The picture is idyllic! Simply great for a picnic, or a little swim for the bravest!

Visit Kells Bay

A beach to take the time and enjoy!

It’s not only in tropical countries that you can enjoy the beach! The beach of Kells Bay is a perfect example: transparent water, paradisiacal beach, nearby forest?

The area is simply splendid, and there’s a headquarters where you can take a nap, take a dip, or explore the forest!

Don’t forget sunscreen and glasses: the sun could be there and make you have an unforgettable time!

Practical informations

Adresse Address: on the way to the Ring of Kerry...
Location: (County Kerry)

GPS coordinatesGPS : 52.024945,-10.104578

Still so much to discover!


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