The Keel Beach

Keel beach – © Evaldas
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Achill Island, (County Mayo)

Keel Beach is an exceptional beach, located on Achil island in Ireland. The beach is immense, very narrow, and offers a panorama to fall on the sea and the mountains of the island. The landscapes are declined in a stunning monochrome of green and blue! Enough to make you want to take a break and enjoy the beach for long hours!

Visit Keel Beach

A beautiful beach, a surf spot, and a great place to spend time with the family!

Surfing, swimming, windsurfing, kites, sand castles, picnic, nap… Keel Beach is a beach where all the conditions are there to have a good time!

In the summer, the place is simply magical: you can enjoy the sun, swim, and recharge your batteries in a wild and summery setting! Pretty walks can be organized barefoot in the sand, and the children will love to have fun in the rollers (plan a shorty because the water can be a little cold, even in summer.).

But the beach shouldn’t be sulky during the winter: the beach, just as beautiful, is adorned with different colours, with a darker and wilder soul. A magical corner to discover, breathe and admire! You will take a breath of fresh sea air and be touched by this beach with its typically Irish soul!

The Keel Beach
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Address Address:
Achill Island, Co. Mayo

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53.972630, -10.073291
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